10 Reasons You Should Buy Pre-Assembled Doors from Therm-All


  1. Therm-All Pre-Assembled Door Systems The number one reason is obvious. You get the product when you are ready to install it. There will be less issues with damage. When the doors come with the building, consider how long they can sit on site and how many times they are moved because they are “in the way”.
  2. The quality of the product is unparalleled. The components used in our door systems far exceed the performance of those used by our competitors.
  3. Ordering the doors with the building, which can be very early in the process, doesn’t allow you much opportunity to make changes to the product (swing, type of hardware, etc.). Getting doors when you actually need them allows your customer to make decisions and/or changes many weeks later.
  4. There are more options available. The offerings from the building manufacturers are very limited.
  5. We package properly. Since we only ship our doors in heavy duty wooden crates, you can rest assured that your product is safe from travel or weather damage.
  6. Therm-All can also provide doors for masonry and conventional types of construction. If your project includes more than just metal building type of construction, we can provide those “other doors” as well, eliminating the need to work with other suppliers. There will also be consistency on the various door systems ( same hardware, same keying, etc.)
  7. Therm-All’s pricing is very competitive with doors provided in a building package. Normally the building manufacturers bury this cost into the total package and most builders are not aware of just how much they are really paying for the door system.
  8. Therm-All can also provide the windows and storefronts. Again you are getting this product when you need it and it eliminates the need for other suppliers to get involved.
  9. Therm-All reps will have considerably more knowledge regarding the door and window systems. These products are not just accessories that are available with the building package, the door and windows represent core products we provide to the metal building industry.
  10. The same outstanding services that you have become accustomed to with insulation will be the same for doors and windows. When you have questions on the order, on delivery status, on specifications or on installations, your Therm-All rep is there to help.