Therm-All offers a variety of Atlas rigid board products, so contact your Therm-All Representative or call 888-2INSUL8 to discover which Atlas product is right for your next job.

Our most popular Atlas products include:

Therm-All Atlas ACFoamACFoam®-II

Best for: Composite roof applications, including standing seam roof.


Has a closed-cell, polyiso foam core integrally laminated to heavy, black (non-asphaltic), fiber- reinforced organic felt facers.

Offered in a variety of thicknesses, providing long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) values from 6.0 to 25.0.

Available in 4' x 4' (1220mm x 1220mm) and 4' x 8' (1220mm x 2440mm) panels.

Polyiso rigid board insulation provides the highest R-Value per inch in the industry. Excellent R-Values reduce energy demands while maintaining compatibility with all types of roofing membranes and fire assemblies.

ACFoam®-II specifications


ACFoam® Supreme

Best for: Metal building and cold storage applications.

Closed-cell polyiso with tri-laminate foil facers.
Is used in metal roof systems, mechanically attached, and loose-laid ballasted single-ply membrane systems.
Available in 4' x 4' (1220mm x 1220mm) and 4' x 8' (1220mm x 2440mm) panels.
CFC-, HCFC-, and HFC-free foam blowing technology with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero (negligible) global warming potential (GWP).

ACFoam® Supreme specifications

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