Insulation Systems and Products

Therm-All OptiLinerLiner Systems (Ls)


Designed for use in both walls and roofs, the OptiLiner® system features an exceptional vapor retarder, an enhanced acoustical environment (both inside and outside of the building), and attractive finished appearance, with a bright interior finish which may allow for reduced lighting loads. MORE>>


Therm-All is an official ELAMINATOR® licensee. The patented 300 Series machines comply with OSHA fall protection standards. MORE>>

High-R Banding

The High-R Banding System blends cost economies and thermal performance. MORE>>


Rigid Insulation Systems

Therm-All Insulated Metal PanelsR-max

Therm-All offers a full line of popular R-max board products, including
Thermasheath®-3, the TSX-8500 Series, and the TSX-8510 Series. MORE>>


Therm-All is proud to be one of the largest distributors of THERMAX™ in the metal building industry. We offer a variety of THERMAX™ options. MORE>>

Insulated Metal Panels

From freezing, sub-zero temperatures to dry heat or high humidity, Mother Nature continually tests the limits of building envelopes. The need for durable yet sustainable metal building products is on the rise, and we're able to meet this demand by offering insulated metal panels for roofs and walls. MORE>>


Therm-All offers a variety of Atlas rigid board products, including ACFoam®-II and ACFoam&rag Supreme. MORE>>



Let's face it: Hardly anyone staples insulation anymore. When deciding how to install insulation, it's no longer a matter of choosing between traditional staple vs. tab methods. MORE>>

Therm-All Insulation ProductsMineral Wool

Mineral wool is a fire resistant, non-combustible insulation product with superior sound abatement qualities. Its water repellant characteristics drain water away, making it exceptionally water resistant and vapor permeable. MORE>>


Reflect-R is a high performance reflective insulation product that is suitable for metal building applications. Many builders in warm climates choose Reflect-R for its condensation control and heat reduction properties. MORE>>

Water Heater Insulation Blanket

Therm-All’s vinyl faced fiberglass water heater insulation blanket fits most gas, oil or electric water heaters up to 60 gallons. MORE>>