Metal Building Insulation

Metal Building Insulation

Pictured: Owens Corning NAIMA 202-96
metal building insulation used in the
MaxTight air barrier system

We take laminating metal building insulation seriously. It’s what we’ve done for over 35 years. In fact, we were among the first to spearhead important metal building industry standards, such as third party testing of after-laminated R-values. Today Therm-All customers can count on insulation products that meet all current standards and certifications.

We only use fiberglass from the best name in the business: Owens Corning. We offer laminated or unfaced EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation and EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Utility Blanket.


Therm-All’s line of insulation products adheres to the latest standards and certifications, including:

  • NAIMA 202-96 Standard: The certification of fiberglass manufacturers, substantiated by outside agency, National Association of Home Builders.
  • NIA Certified Faced Insulation: The National Insulation Association standard for laminators. Therm-All uses the National Association of Home Builders to verify compliance. Laminators must show that the stated R-value of finished, laminated products is the actual R-value provided.
  • UL 25-50: The Underwriters Laboratories 25 Flame and 50 Smoke standard must be met by the composite of fiberglass, vapor-retarder facing and adhesive used to laminate it together. This is a critical fire rating for safety and building code compliance for exposed use.

LEED and GREENGUARD: Therm-All uses Owens Corning fiberglass, which has a high recycle content of 50 percent that can contribute toward LEED points for green building certification at various levels. Additionally, Owens Corning fiberglass insulation is GREENGUARD Certified, which means that it is a low-emitting product that helps to maintain a better, cleaner indoor air quality.

With the Therm-All and Owens Corning seal of approval, you get a natural bio-based non-acrylic product that:


About EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation

Owens Corning® EcoTouch® Certified R Metal Building Insulation is used as part of the insulation system in the roofs and side walls of metal buildings. It is designed to be laminated with a variety of facings to provide attractive interior finishes, abuse resistance, and assistance in control of moisture. It can also be used when unfaced insulation is required in metal building roof and wall systems.

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About EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Utility Blanket

Owens Corning EcoTouch® Insulation for Metal Building Utility Blanket is an unfaced light density fibrous glass blanket. The product is designed to be laminated with a variety of facings and is used for condensation and noise control in metal buildings. After the product is laminated with an appropriate facing, the insulation is typically installed in a single layer between the structural members (purlins for roofs and girts for walls) and the exterior panels.

In most cases, the product is installed over and perpendicular to the structural members with the facing towards the interior of the structure.

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