Reflect-R for HVAC Applications

Therm-All Reflect-R HVACHow can you reduce your inventory, save man hours at the jobsite AND lower utility bills for end-users? It's simple. Reflect-R for HVAC applications is your solution.

Reflect-R is Therm-All's reflective insulation product that is ideal for duct wrap applications. Reflect-R not only delivers a superior thermal performance but also aids in condensation control and provides in-place fire protection. HVAC Reflect-R provides up to a 44% "installed cost" savings v. traditional bubble wrap products used in duct wrap applications.



Predetermined lengths? Not here.

Reflect-R is a made-to-order product. This means that, unlike other duct wrap products, Reflect-R may be custom-made to fulfill any length requirement, and does not ship in predetermined lengths.

Space is not a concern.

Reflect-R is capable of being installed in as little as 1 1/2" of space. Reflect-R is also suited for typical 3" thick FSK applications where space may be a concern.

An R-value you can trust.

The reflective duct wrap insulation market is often considered a fragmented industry, mostly because universal testing standards for R-values are nonexistent. Reflect-R is a product that users can confidently trust to maintain its R-value after processing, because it achieves an R-8 rating for duct wrap as tested per ASTM C-518.

Faster onsite installation.

The rigidity of both the 3/4" and 1" core, heavy duty reinforced facing, and various tab options designed for every application will save you many man hours on the jobsite.

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Reflect-R for metal building applications

Reflect-R for post frame applications


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R-8 Duct Wrap Installed Cost Analysis: 1” Reflect-R vs. Bubble Wrap “Double Bubble”

R-8 Contractor Material Costs

1” Reflect-R

Double Bubble Wrap

Reflective Material

.43 per sq. foot

.33 per sq foot


.58 per spacer

.09 per spacer


.066 per yard

.066 per yard

** Spacer & Tape costs based contractor price – Double bubble (plastic spacers) – box of 150 - $12.73 per box. Reflect-R spacers – roll 2”wide X 80’long - $11.52 per roll.


R-8 Installed Contractor Costs ** See Below


Double Bubble Wrap

Reflective Material

.43 per sq. foot X 80 = $34.40

.33 per sq. ft. X 160 = $52.80


.58 per X 10 = $5.80

.09 per X 80 = $7.20


.066 per yard X 6.66 = .44

.066 per yard X 13.32 = .88

Labor Costs



Total Costs



Reflect-R Installed Cost Savings

$27.74 or 37%

**Calculations based on 4 – 14”w X 8”d X 5’ length = 20’ run of trunk duct


Installed Contractor Costs based on the following:
Material Costs – New England Contractor Price
Labor Costs - $15 per hour – (non-union labor + benefits)

Installed Cost based on meeting R-8 code requirements for duct wrap

Reflect-R Application = 1” Reflect-R + spacers (Actual R-value = 8.7)
Double Bubble Application = spacers + double bubble + spacers + double bubble
Typical Trunk Duct Size = 14”w X 8”d X 5’L
*** Trunk duct sizes vary and are determined based on total sf, CFM’s required etc.
Recommended spacer placement is every 18” – 24” to maintain required air space.

Calculations based on 4 – 14”w X 8”d X 5’ length = 20’ run of trunk duct

*** Average 2,000 square sf home requires @ 60 lineal foot of trunk duct. Using 1” Reflect-R would save the typical installing contractor $83.22 per home