Reflect-R Post Frame

Best used for: Metal building, post frame and HVAC applications.

Therm-All Reflect-R Post FrameReflect-R for metal building applications

Reflect-R for HVAC applications.

Reflect-R is a high performance reflective insulation product that is ideal for post frame applications.


Predetermined lengths? Not here.

Reflect-R is a made-to-order product. This means that, unlike other reflective insulation products, Reflect-R may be custom-made to fulfill any length requirement and does not ship in predetermined lengths.

Faster onsite installation.

The rigidity of both the 3/4" and 1" core, heavy duty reinforced facing, and various tab options designed for every application will save you many man hours on the jobsite.

We like options.

With Reflect-R, you may choose from a vast array of insulation vapor barriers to face toward the interior building environment, which produces a clean, attractive finish. Variable widths and custom lengths are also offered.

An R-value you can trust.

Reflect-R is a product that users can confidently trust to maintain its R-value after processing because it is ASTM tested.