Case Studies


Therm-All has been at the forefront of metal building insulation solutions for over 40 years. Since 1981, we’ve spearheaded important industry standards and led the charge in commercial energy code compliance. Keep reading to learn more about how our products are contributing to better, more energy-efficient buildings and shaping the future of sustainable design.

ProLiner Case Study: New Construction

Emerging from the rural, rolling hills of the Middle Tennessee Valley sits the Hop Springs Beer Park, an 84-acre property with a unique vision: To craft experiences, foster education, and give back to the community. The Hop Springs Brewery was the first project on tap: A 22,000-square-foot metal building equipped with a dining and entertainment area, as well as a beer production space. The project called for a top-tier insulation system that would mitigate noise reverberation while enhancing the sound of live performers. Learn how the ProLiner Banded Liner System delivered in this fascinating case study

ProLiner Case Study: Retrofit

Ice rinks are specialty buildings with unique requirements for insulation systems. The Portsmouth Abbey School Ice Rink in Portsmouth, RI needed several updates, including new roof insulation. Our very own Bill Beals took the lead, recommending the ProLiner Banded Liner System for its high-R value, low-permeance fabric vapor retarder, and bright interior appearance. Discover how ProLiner maintained the building’s cold-in/heat-out balance while providing OSHA-compliant fall protection.

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