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High-R Fiberglass Insulation Systems (MBI)

ProLiner Banded Liner System (Ls)

Designed for use in metal building roofs and walls, the ProLiner high-R system provides OSHA-compliant leading-edge fall protection and meets energy code requirements.


Therm-All’s patented new air barrier system for metal buildings is an innovation in building envelope science.

Long Tab Banded System (FC)

The Long Tab Banded system, also commonly called High-R Banding or Long Tab with Banding, is a low cost option for High-R roof applications. The Long Tab Banded method is referred to as a “Filled Cavity System” (FC) throughout the ASHRAE literature, and blends cost economies with thermal performance.

ELAMINATOR® 300 Series Insulation System

ELAMINATOR® provides a High-R application for new construction without support wires or structures below. The ELAMINATOR® system reduces the compression above the purlins, because the first layer of insulation is installed between the purlins. A layer of backfill insulation is placed over the purlins to ensure complete coverage by the insulation.

OptiLiner® Banded Liner System (Ls)

Designed for use in metal building walls and roofs, the OptiLiner® high-R system features an exceptional vapor retarder, an enhanced acoustical environment (both inside and outside of the building), and attractive finished appearance, with a bright interior finish which may allow for reduced lighting loads.