High-Performance Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool is a fire-resistant, non-combustible insulation product with superior sound abatement qualities. Its water repellant characteristics drain water away, making it exceptionally water resistant and vapor permeable.

Mineral Wool Insulation Solutions From Therm-All

Mineral wool insulation has become a top choice for metal building applications in which sound abatement is a priority, such as natural gas compressor buildings and stations. Additionally, its enhanced fire protection capabilities, ease of installation, and sustainability properties make mineral wool an ideal insulation solution for various commercial and industrial projects.

At Therm-All, we offer a variety of mineral wool insulation batts in multiple thicknesses and custom densities to suit your building needs.

    Benefits of Mineral Wool Insulation

    When you choose Therm-All for your mineral wool insulation needs, you receive several benefits, including:

    • Superior sound attenuation performance: Mineral wool’s superior acoustic properties make it a top choice for applications in which sound abatement is a key concern, such as natural gas compressor buildings and stations. Mineral wool insulation can reduce the impact of dangerous noise levels in both new construction and retrofit applications.
    • Heat resistance: With a higher melting point than most insulation options, mineral wool is ideal for applications requiring high fire resistance levels. 
    • Thermal protection: Mineral wool prevents a structure from losing or gaining heat through its roof and walls, affecting operational costs. Improved efficiency means less energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills. Additionally, mineral wool insulation can earn LEED credits.
    • Water resistance and vapor permeability: Mineral wool’s composition is highly resistant to chemicals and moisture. Since it doesn’t absorb water, it helps prevent corrosion, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.
    • Ease of transport, storage, and installation: Unlike other insulation options that require adhesives, mineral wool installs by simply pressing it into place. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Simple to cut for clean straight edges: Cutting mineral wool to size is fast and easy. Place the product on an even, solid surface and use a serrated blade to cut it to your desired length and width.

    Mineral Wool Installation

    Mineral wool offers fast and easy installation compared to other types of insulation because its density and dimensional stability allow it to fit into spaces with friction. Cutting the batts to the area’s exact size is critical, as any gaps will affect the product’s thermal properties and performance. It’s also helpful to identify potential gaps beforehand and fill them with the appropriate sealant and foam.

    Although mineral wool won’t cause skin or throat irritation like other insulation may, installers should still wear masks and goggles to minimize exposure to the eyes and prevent inhalation.

    Trusting Therm-All for Your Mineral Wool Insulation Requirements

    If you’re considering mineral wool insulation for your next building project, the expert team at Therm-All can help. Our team has decades of combined experience providing the optimal insulation products to meet codes, increase building performance, and improve cost efficiency.

    Contact your Therm-All representative or email info@therm-all.com for more information about mineral wool insulation.