Optiliner® Banded Liner System (Ls)

Our High-R Vapor Retarder: What Is It?

Designed for use in metal building walls and roofs, the OptiLiner® high-R system features an exceptional vapor retarder, an enhanced acoustical environment (both inside and outside of the building), and attractive finished appearance, with a bright interior finish which may allow for reduced lighting loads.

The high-R metal building insulation system uses a series of 1-inch galvanized steel straps to support a bright white or black polyethylene fabric that serves as the low permeance vapor retarder. The fabric sections are custom fit for each bay to ensure a swift installation and a clean interior finished appearance, which allows roof cavities to be completely filled with uncompressed insulation and maximizes thermal performance.

Features & Benefits of our Line System

  • Provides OSHA-compliant fall protection
  • Excellent thermal performance that helps meet energy codes
  • Exceptional vapor retarder
  • Improves the acoustical environment both inside and outside of a metal building
  • Meets fire code ratings with flame spread rating of 25 or less and smoke developed rating of 50 or less
  • Bright and resilient interior finish which may allow for reduced lighting loads

How the OptiLiner® Line System Helps Meet Codes

One of the difficulties in meeting code compliance for the building envelope is to prove the insulation system or application you are using meets the thermal performance (U-Value) listed for the specific code that applies to your project. This is not an issue with the OptiLiner® system since it meets the definition of Liner System (Ls) as described in the latest version of ASHRAE 90.1, which is also referenced by the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code).

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