R-Seal® Rigid Insulation System

Rigid Insulation System

R-Seal® is durable rigid foam board insulation designed for use in roofs and walls of new construction and retrofit applications. It is the only rigid insulation system specifically engineered for metal buildings and the field concerns of metal building erectors.

What is R-Seal®?:


  • A solution for meeting commercial energy codes, including the ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC continuous air barrier requirements.
  • The most durable rigid board product to hit the metal building market. R-Seal® has a higher compressive strength and a more durable finish than other polyiso sheets.
  • Installed faster than any other board product, and with the smallest crew imaginable. Because R-Seal® is so durable, it only takes one crew member to install a product sheet while another preps the building wall panel.
  • The highest R-value per inch in the industry, and at an economical, low-install cost.
  • More economical than insulated metal panels. No boom trucks or heavy equipment are needed, so you save money on machine rentals and labor. Plus,
  • Equipped with integral tape tabs, available in custom lengths, and delivered with individual job detailing.

R-Seal® Brochure

For more information about R-Seal, rigid insulation panels, or to receive a product sample, call your Therm-All representative or email info@therm-all.com. We can help you with any metal building insulation panel concerns.