Reflect-R Reflective Insulation for Metal Buildings

Reflect-R is a high performance reflective insulation product suitable for many applications, including metal buildings, post frame construction and HVAC duct wrap.


  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration
  • Aids in condensation control
  • Provides safer in-place fire protection through its fiberglass core (3/4″ thick fiberglass core standard)
  • Saves man hours at the jobsite
  • Is ASTM E 84 and UL 723 approved
  • Meets all state and local code requirements
  • Comes in custom lengths
  • In HVAC applications, Reflect-R offers 44% installed-cost savings vs. traditional bubble wrap products

Metal Building and Post Frame Applications

Metal building contractors in warm climates choose Reflect-R for its condensation control and heat reduction properties. In fact, its heavy-duty reinforced aluminum facing reflects 97% of radiant heat gain, thereby reducing energy use and lowering utility bills. Unlike other reflective insulation products, Reflect-R comes in custom lengths and is available in a variety of interior-facing vapor retarder options.

HVAC Applications

HVAC contractors and distributors choose R-8 Reflect-R for its installed-cost savings vs. traditional bubble wrap, its superior fire rating, plus the product’s ability to be installed in as little as 1.5” space.