Windows for Insulated Metal Panels

The Basics

Our windows for insulated metal panels are:

  • Self-framing. This system fastens directly onto the wall panel, eliminating the need for a framed opening
  • Self-flashing. No additional flashing is required.
  • Easy to install. Because the window is designed for insulated wall panels, installation time is minimal.
  • They are available in Fixed, Horizontal Sliders, Single Hung, Project Out, Project In and Outswing Casements.

Additionally, they come with:

  • Fasteners and caulk. All you need to supply is the hole in the wall – we supply everything else.
  • A built-in weep system that eliminates water migration to the interior of the building. This is important because water migration is THE biggest issue for window systems.
  • Different glazing options. Clear insulated glazing is the standard, but we also offer tinted, low-e, tempered, laminated, glass that meets certain shading coefficients, glass that meets certain solar heat gain coefficients, and more. Just ask!
  • Special colors are also available.


What panel thicknesses can these windows go into?
2″, 2-1/2″, 3″ & 4″.

What type of framed opening is required?
None is required.

If the insulated wall panels have “ribs”, will the window product work?
Our windows for insulated metal panels work with minor striations of 1/4″ or less.


Call your Therm-All representative, dial 888-2-INSUL-8, or send an email to for more information about windows for insulated metal panels.