Therm-All is an official ELAMINATOR® licensee.

The Owens Corning® ELAMINATOR® insulation and safety system is a mechanized roof single and double-layer blanket insulation installation system. The ELAMINATOR® 300 series utilizes a platform assembly that travels along the purlins and dispenses faced insulation or facing from rolls while providing leading edge fall protection for the roofing crew. The machine controls the tension applied to the rolls as they are dispensed and correctly positions the facing with respect to the purlins so that installed insulation is consistent and fully expanded.

The ELAMINATOR® machine complies with OSHA fall protection standards. It offers a patented perimeter guard rail, a 14′ guardrail at ridge or eave of the building, and a rear 6′ extension that defines a guarded work zone for roofing.

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