Pre-Assembled Door Systems 

Pre-assembled doors from Therm-All are completely assembled under factory-controlled conditions. Additionally, pre-assembled doors are custom-built to your job specifications, so they fit like a glove.

We’ll also ship your building doors with your insulation order, which means you get the product exactly when you need it. Your doors won’t sit on the job site for weeks while the building is erected, risking damage and theft. Instead, they’ll arrive just-in-time, saving man-hours and adding to your bottom line.

Therm-All Pre-Assembled Doors:

  • Save time on assembly: Installation takes just 20-30 minutes.
  • Are shipped in heavy-duty wooden crates, so you can rest assured that your product is safe from damage during transportation.
  • Come with a framed opening designed specifically for your wall application, which means you get a perfect fit every time.

Metal Building Doors

Therm-All’s pre-assembled steel doors are designed specifically for metal buildings. Doors are finished painted in either white or brown. Additionally, metal building doors come with an adjustable weatherseal (composed of polyethylene clad urethane foam) which has a rain drip on the outside face.

Existing Opening Doors

Whether you have a masonry, wood or steel opening, Therm-All has the door system for your existing construction application. These doors are designed to anchor to a variety of wall conditions. All of the options that are offered with metal building doors are also available on existing opening doors.

Glass Storefront Doors

Therm-All glass storefront doors are offered in a variety of finishes, glazing and hardware options, sizes and sidelites.

Fire-Rated Doors

Therm-All fire-rated doors are available either as a 90-minute (B-label) or as a 3-hour (A-label) rating. All the components used on each rated system comply to meet the rating criteria.

Wind-Rated Doors

Therm-All wind-rated doors have been tested for impact and rated for a design pressure of +/-50 psf. They are certified with a Florida Product Approval Number. All of the components used in the door system as well as how the door is anchored into the opening meet this criteria.

Here at Therm-All, we have personnel doors, walk doors and metal doors for metal buildings. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our expert team today!

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